The Mainstream Media is Yanking Your Chain

Hey, it’s Ross Givens here with the Chart of the Day. Delving into the fascinating world of market data, an intriguing pattern emerges from the Nasdaq’s historical performance. Over the last 50 years, on 8 occasions where the Nasdaq followed a double-digit year with a +0.5% loss on the opening day of the next year, an interesting trend unfolded. In each case, the following week proved positive. Notably, the cases with the largest first-day drops yielded the biggest gains over the subsequent week. Far from signaling a cause for concern, a significant drop on the first day of the trading year after a winning year appears to be a harbinger of even more gains ahead.

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Here’s What Comes Next for BTC

By now, most of you have likely heard about the collapse of digital currency exchange FTX. While it was once the world’s third-largest digital currency exchange by volume, the company has now filed for bankruptcy.

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Watchlist Week of October 31st, 2022

HealthEquity, Inc. (Long Idea) The health care sector has been strong all year, and HealthEquity, Inc. (HQY) is one stock I’ve been watching in particular. In the midst of a nasty bear market, HQY has

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Watchlist Week of October 17th, 2022

Northrop Grumman (Short Idea) I have been watching NOC for a long trade for the last several weeks. In fact, I even added it to the Watchlist back in September. But thanks to a vicious

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