Is BTC About to Break Down… Again?

I’ve written several articles in recent months explaining why I think BTC – the world’s biggest digital currency by market capitalization – is set for a massive crash. Of course, the price is already down

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Why BTC Has Further to Fall

More trouble is brewing in the world of digital currencies… The rout in the digital asset market has been happening for a while, but we are now starting to see how plunging coin prices are

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Why I Don’t Own BTC

When I originally published this article earlier this month, it got my readers and everyone around the office talking… Basically, I explained why I don’t own any BTC. I heard plenty of dissenting opinions, to

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My Favorite Way to Play the Gold Market

A “hedge” is an asset that tends to go up when other assets go down. And historically, gold has been the go-to hedge for traders and investors. Stock market crashing? Buy gold. US dollar weak?

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