Here’s Why Facebook Stock is Crashing

Recently, a former Facebook, Inc. (FB) employee turned whistleblower released internal company memos showing the platform causes mental harm to children. Many market participants have long known that social media platforms can affect their users

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Are We Headed for a Market Correction?

Are we headed for a market correction? It’s possible. In fact, you could argue that a correction has been underway for several months now. Take a look at the chart below… It shows the percentage

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Trades that Work in Up & Down Markets

Too many traders make the mistake that it always takes an up market to make money trading stocks. That is a rookie mistake. Often, when the general stock market is down for any particular day,

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The Big 5 Will Help Bring the Surge

The S&P 500 Index is the go-to benchmark for stock investors – from fund managers to individuals.  And you’d think with the 500 number that the index would provide a lot of breadth – but

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