This is Why I’m Excited…

Hey, Ross here: And here’s a chart that shows just why the current market rally is so exciting. Chart of the Day The chart above is for the Equal Weight S&P 500 ETF, which is

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Hidden Opportunities

Hey, Ross here: Hope y’all had a great Memorial Day weekend. It may be a shortened trading week this week, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t just as many juicy opportunities for us to target.

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Use This Before It’s Too Late

Hey, Ross here: As we close out the trading week, let’s look at a chart that reminds us of just what’s possible when we get things right. Chart of the Day The chart above shows

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Enough of This Nonsense

Hey, Ross here: And as the debt clown show in Washington continues, here’s a chart that shows why this is likely just a temporary anchor on the market. Chart of the Day The above chart

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