Why High Prices Are Here to Stay

Prices are up for just about everything. But don’t expect them to come back down. At best, this is the new normal. The New Normal Of course, prices for some things will come down… Used

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Watchlist Week of September 19th, 2022

What a week… Just when we thought the craziness had finally come to an end, Tuesday’s CPI numbers showed that inflation was still rising, despite the market’s belief that it had in fact peaked. The

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3 Stocks to Buy on This Pullback

Tuesday was the worst day for stocks since 2020. Almost everything was down. Major indexes fell back to a crucial support level shown below in white on the QQQ. This has been a battleground for

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The Only Stocks Going UP Right Now

Solar stocks. I’ve been saying it for months, but this is the place to focus right now. Tuesday was an absolute bloodbath for stocks. The Nasdaq dropped 5.5%. The Dow fell over 1200 points. But

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What Do All Great Trades Have in Common?

The easiest trades to manage are the ones that work immediately. After all, if your position is always in the green, there’s no panic.  You’re not stressed. And your account balance is growing. But how

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