Why High Prices Are Here to Stay

Prices are up for just about everything. But don’t expect them to come back down. At best, this is the new normal. The New Normal Of course, prices for some things will come down… Used

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Why I Still Don’t Own BTC

With the price of Bitcoin up nearly 10% this morning, it might be tempting to think about jumping into a position. But I’m here to remind you exactly why I’ll continue to sit out of

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Health Care Costs Are Out of Control

Health care and insurance costs are out of control. You see, I have a wife and two children… I pay roughly $1,500 a month for a family plan. And it covers almost nothing. Here’s the

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Looking for a Retest of the Recent Lows?

Last Friday’s trading session was a bloodbath… After Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell made aggressive statements regarding a path of more interest rate hikes, the indexes sold off hard all day. The S&P 500 dropped

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How to Capture the Flag Breakout

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve looked at the “head and shoulders” pattern from all angles. We saw that the pattern can be either bullish or bearish and can act as either a continuation

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