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Chart Predicts Big Market Rally for 2024?

Hey, Ross here:

A “Santa Claus rally” looks the most impressive when it’s preceded by a flat or falling market.

That hasn’t been the case this month, which is why some may not feel that a “Santa Claus rally” is even going on – they just think of it as a continuation of the previous rally.

But make no mistake – things are looking great to start 2024. And today’s chart proves it some more.

Chart of the Day

If this was a stock price chart, most traders would bet on that blue line continuing to fall below the support level.

Of course, this isn’t a stock price chart and consumer prices don’t work quite the same way.

But the data is clear – inflation is much closer to the Fed’s target than most think.

Yes, it’s true that prices won’t fall. We’re unlikely to see pre-pandemic prices ever again – so don’t expect it.

But in terms of how fast prices are increasing, we’re close to where the Fed wants it.

And that keeps the door open multiple rate hikes in 2024 – perhaps even more than what the Fed initially said.

Stay ready. Watch for new market leadership forming – as this will tell you where the best opportunities are.

Insight of the Day

Market leaders are NOT industry leaders – and confusing the two is a dangerous mistake.

In some cases market leaders are also the industry leaders.

In many other cases, they are not.

Confusing the two is a costly mistake.

For instance, the Big Tech companies that were the market leaders in 2023 were ALSO the industry leaders.

These companies will likely be the industry leaders for years to come. But it’s far less likely that they’ll be market leaders that long.

Market leaders are the group of stocks that lead the market higher. They don’t have to be the dominant industry leaders (although they sometimes are).

Going into 2024, I see many traders still stubbornly clinging to these old market leaders because they think market leaders and industry leaders are the same thing.

This could cost them big. Because both the price action and macroeconomic conditions are telling me that small-cap stocks are likely to be the market leaders in 2024.

That’s why I’m positioning myself in the highest-potential small-cap stocks now – before 2024 hits.

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I hope to see you soon.

Ross Givens
Editor, Stock Surge Daily

Ross Givens
Ross Givens

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