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I’ve Been Expecting This (Stay Calm)

Hey, Ross here:

The sensationalist news headlines are all screaming about the indexes finishing “sharply” lower yesterday.

But the truth is – I’ve been waiting for this.

Chart of the Day

See that big fat red candle right there on the upper right of this S&P 500 chart?

It’s what’s got the bears gleefully rubbing their hands together…

The clickbait news media pumping out one sensationalist headline after another…

And amateur traders tearing their hair out wondering if they made a mistake buying into this rally.

Stay calm.

Not only is this perfectly normal – it’s necessary.

I’ve been expecting this.

Insight of the Day

Pullbacks in the middle of big rallies need to happen. And often, these pullbacks seem to occur for “no reason”.

We’re trained to look for specific macro events to explain big market moves – such as the Fed or inflation data.

And to be sure, oftentimes, these big market moves can be attributed to these specific events.

But when it comes to healthy pullbacks in the middle of huge rallies, no specific event is necessary.

The market just needs space to consolidate and digest the prior moves. I’ve been saying this for a couple weeks now.

It’s perfectly normal and sets us up for even bigger gains ahead – though it doesn’t make for very good news headlines.

This pullback is an opportunity – so treat it as such.

Because the institutional “smart money” is likely doing the same…

And if you know which stocks they might be buying the dip in, you can jump in right alongside them – and use their money to ride them all the way to the top.

That’s what my Stealth Trades strategy is all about – identifying the distinctive trading patterns that signal the institutional money is quietly moving into a stock.

And because Christmas is right around the corner, for a very limited time only…

You can get a full year of recommendations from my Stealth Trades strategy for just 99 cents today by clicking here.

No catch – just a sweet Christmas deal you won’t find anywhere else.

But you have to act fast – because this pullback may not last for very long, and the market could take off again very soon.

Embrace the surge,

Ross Givens
Editor, Stock Surge Daily

Ross Givens
Ross Givens

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