Impending Breakout Alert

It’s Ross Givens here with the Chart of the Day. Unveiling the intriguing dynamics of the small-cap Russell 2000 index, I’ve identified not one, but two compelling head-and-shoulder patterns. The classic bearish formation, breaking below the 200-day moving average, foretells a potential plunge. However, a recent twist reveals an inverse head-and-shoulder pattern, a bullish signal. The index is poised to breach the 200-day moving average ‘neckline’ once again.

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This Rally is Blazing Hot

It’s Ross Givens here with the Chart of the Day. Yesterday’s S&P 500 surge propelled us beyond the stifling pattern of descending highs that plagued the market for months. Witnessing this breakthrough vividly illustrates the pent-up ‘stored energy’ within, eagerly awaiting the catalyst—namely, declining inflation—to propel it upward. Positioned for success, I’m thrilled about what lies ahead.

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The Truth About This Market Rally

It’s Ross Givens here, back with the Chart of the Day. Diving into the AI arena, Palantir (PLTR) has been a powerhouse, surging in the first half of the year. After a consolidation phase, it’s now smashing through its post-earnings pivot, aiming for unprecedented highs. I tipped off our premium members last Friday, and the trade is already reaping rewards. Yet, this could be just the tip of the iceberg—there’s still ample time to ride the wave.

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The Only Thing Better Than a Rally

It’s Ross Givens here with the Chart of the Day. Back in the action after a brief respite, the market bulldozed through resistance on Friday, signaling a promising trajectory ahead. As I predicted last week, these pauses are par for the course in any rally. Seizing this fantastic opportunity, I’ll be rolling out actionable trade ideas in the coming days—stay tuned. Today, let’s glean a crucial lesson from these market dynamics, especially in the face of relentless negative news bombardment.

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Pick Your Targets Carefully

It’s Ross Givens here, and I’m here with the last Chart of the Day for this week. Locked in a fierce battle against market resistance, I dive into the heart of the current S&P 500 and Nasdaq rally in this exclusive report. The culprit? Powell’s latest words, echoing through the financial landscape, attempting to influence the Fed’s rate hike trajectory.

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Blinded by Popularity

Hey there, Ross Givens here with your Chart of the Day. I’ve been keeping an eagle eye on the S&P 500, and it’s gearing up for a significant hurdle—filling a gap from September 21. That’s when we saw a sizeable drop after the Fed’s latest policy meeting. Now, as the index nudges towards this critical level, it’s a make-or-break moment that could signal if the rally’s got the juice to keep going. The Nasdaq’s already jumped over this hurdle, and I like what I’m seeing. Stick with me, and I’ll show you how this rally could be just as good to you as it’s looking to me. Dive in with me for more insights in the Insight of the Day.

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Big Mistake Traders Make in a Rally

It’s Ross Givens here, and I’m back with today’s Chart of the Day. If you’ve been waiting around for a sign, this could be it. We’re finally back in positive territory. After three months of falling, it’s great to see more new highs than new lows. But how optimistic should this flipped indicator get us? Does this rally really have legs?

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