The Bull Market is Officially Back

Hey, it’s Ross Givens here with the Chart of the Day. Introducing the often-overlooked Russell 3000 index, encompassing 3,000 major U.S. stocks and serving as a comprehensive gauge of the U.S. market. Notably, it recently surged to new all-time highs, reflecting the overall robustness of the market. With this positive momentum, there’s ample opportunity for savvy investors to capitalize on the market’s strength. Stay tuned to unlock its potential.

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This Bull Flag Tells Me “Risk On”

Hey, it’s Ross Givens here with the Chart of the Day. Presenting Bitcoin’s price showcasing a classic “bull flag pattern,” signaling a bullish market sentiment. While it’s an opportune time to consider Bitcoin investments, the broader implication lies in the market’s risk appetite. Despite the current subdued state, indications point towards an imminent surge, as evidenced by Bitcoin’s pattern and recent meme stock activity. Stay tuned to harness potential opportunities arising from this evolving market sentiment.

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Could This Derail the Recovery? (What to Do About It)

Hey, it’s Ross Givens here with the Chart of the Day. Diving into one of my top charts, the Equal-Weight S&P 500 Index (RSP) paints a clearer picture of the market’s health by eliminating the dominance of mega-cap tech stocks. Currently, RSP sits a mere 1.5% shy of its all-time highs, signaling a robust recovery from the April pullback. However, with the looming CPI report’s potential impact, the market’s trajectory remains uncertain. Stay ahead of the curve with my insight.

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Bulls Back in Control (Do This Now)

Hey, it’s Ross Givens here with the Chart of the Day. In a remarkable shift, my market health model swiftly transitioned from bearish to bullish within a week. This robust buying spree following the recent dip signifies significant strength and resilience in the market. The much-needed correction allowed for the consolidation of previous gains and the shedding of weak-handed sellers. While the overall market gears up for further upward movement, the dynamics for individual stocks present a nuanced scenario, as I delve into in today’s Insight.

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Bullish Breadth (Act Fast)

Hey, it’s Ross Givens here with the Chart of the Day. The percentage of stocks trading above their 50-day moving average, a key metric for medium-term momentum, has surged, signaling a potential continuation of the bull market. Nearly double the levels seen during the April pullback, it mirrors the market’s upward trajectory observed from February to mid-March. This resurgence indicates an opportunity for swift action. Learn more about the implications in my detailed analysis below.

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This Bull Market is Still Young

Hey, it’s Ross Givens here with the Chart of the Day. In analyzing historical data, it’s evident that bull markets typically extend for years from the bear market bottom to the peak. Surprisingly, our current market cycle has seen a peak just 19 months post the last bear market bottom, contrasting with the typical 61-month duration. This insight suggests that the current bull market is still in its infancy, promising ample opportunities ahead. Stay tuned as I delve into the implications of this data in today’s analysis.

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The Earnings Divergence Opportunity

Hey, it’s Ross Givens here with the Chart of the Day. Amidst economic concerns, analysts have defied expectations by boosting their earnings estimates for S&P 500 companies. This unexpected trend challenges prevailing pessimism about the market’s trajectory. In today’s analysis, I delve into what this shift means and why it’s crucial not to let pessimism hinder your pursuit of current market opportunities.

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The Opportunity Window is Closing

Hey, it’s Ross Givens here with the Chart of the Day. In market dynamics, volatility often mirrors market trends – as volatility rises, markets tend to dip, and as it falls, markets typically climb. Looking at historical data, this relationship holds true across various market conditions. Currently, with volatility showing signs of calming down, it suggests that the market might be on its way out of the recent pullback. Discover more insights on this intriguing correlation in today’s analysis below.

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How to Keep Buying the Dips

Hey, it’s Ross Givens here with the Chart of the Day. In recent weeks, market movements have shifted to a more favorable pattern, oscillating within a consolidation range after a turbulent start to April. Now, signs suggest a potential breakout from this range, signaling a crucial turning point for traders. Learn how to navigate this evolving market landscape in today’s Insight of the Day.

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Two Key Levels I’m Watching Right Now

Hey, it’s Ross Givens here with the Chart of the Day. In the latest analysis, I’m closely watching two crucial indicators: the US 10-year Treasury yield and the US Dollar Index (DXY). Both have entered consolidation phases, suggesting a potential shift in market dynamics. If these ranges break downward, it could signal the end of the current pullback and pave the way for the next bullish rally. Find out more about this pivotal scenario in today’s Insight of the Day.

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