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Is Bullish Momentum Fading? (The Truth)

Hey, Ross here:

Even though Powell threw cold water over the prospect of more than one rate cut this year, markets surged.

This is a good thing.

Chart of the Day

Source: @Optuma via X

This is the number of net new highs over lows made by stocks in the Russell 3000 Index – which represents over 95% of the U.S. investable stock universe – over the one, three, six, and 12-month time frames.

And as you can see, for all those time frames, there have been many more new highs over new lows.

Plus, the more recent the time frame, the bigger the number of net new highs there have been – suggesting that bullish momentum has only been increasing.

Don’t let the bears sway you. Keep playing the bull market.

Insight of the Day

When the market speaks, you’d better listen.

So many traders are way too stubborn for their own good.

They cling to what they believe the market “should” do – instead of listening to what it’s actually doing.

Case in point – yesterday’s price action.

Powell kept saying inflation was still too sticky to cut rates anytime soon…

And yet, yesterday’s close marked one of the strongest days for the indexes in weeks.

The market is saying it wants to keep going up – and we should listen.

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Embrace the surge,

Ross Givens
Editor, Stock Surge Daily

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