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How to Profit in a Healthy – But Sideways – Market

Hey, Ross here:

Markets are flat after the consumer inflation data came in slightly hotter than expected.

But as the Chart of the Day shows, this new bull market is far from over – it’s only just begun.

Chart of the Day

Source: Alfcharts via X

These are four sectors within the S&P 500 – semiconductors, homebuilders, broker-dealers, and industrials.

Semiconductors – currently the largest weight within the S&P 500 – fuel both tech and the global economy.

Homebuilders are a gauge of economic cyclicality.

Broker-Dealers tell us how healthy the capital market system is.

Industrials are positively correlated with risk appetite, making them a good indicator of market health.

And as you can see, all four sectors have broken through past resistance.

This is a highly positive sign for the new bull market. So don’t waste the opportunities out there right now.

Insight of the Day

As long as the market is healthy – even if there is no big “good news” – individual stocks can still make big moves thanks to individual price catalysts.

There isn’t any big “good news” out there right now that could move the market decisively higher.

Yet, the market is still healthy…

Meaning individual stocks can still make big moves from their own individual catalysts – even if the market is moving sideways.

The challenge comes from searching thousands of stocks for these individual catalysts that have NOT been priced in yet.

It’s a difficult challenge.

But it’s exactly what my team and I have been doing – and it could have made you nearly 50% gains this month itself.

Earlier this morning, I went LIVE for a masterclass on how you can find these “not yet priced in” catalysts in individual stocks – WITHOUT all the tedious legwork – by leveraging the knowledge of corporate insiders.

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Don’t miss your chance to target big gains in this healthy – but sideways – market.

Ross Givens
Editor, Stock Surge Daily

Ross Givens
Ross Givens

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