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How to Play the Rally Without Fighting the Fed

Hey, Ross here:

Everyone’s waiting to see what the Fed will do. But regardless of what they do, there’s still plenty of opportunities in the market you can take advantage of. Check out one right below.

Chart of the Day

Bilibili (BILI) is a Chinese video content company.

After a huge stage 4 decline throughout 2021 and 2022, shares seem to have finally found a bottom.

The stock has tripled off its lows since October and is now forming a breakout consolidation pattern. Notice the series of shallowing retracements over the last two months.

I will consider buying on a move above 28.20 or a pullback to the 21-day EMA near 26.00.

Insight of the Day

You can still play this rally while avoiding “fighting the Fed”

Some market strategists are saying this rally could be “life changing”. Others are saying to sell this rally as it is “fighting the Fed”.

Who’s right? Here’s the good news – it doesn’t matter. You can still play this rally while avoiding “fighting the Fed”.

The key is knowing which stocks to target – and which to avoid. I’ve shown as much on this newsletter. 

The big name growth stocks are the ones most susceptible to the Fed. And because they make up such a significant part of the index weightings, they can move the entire market. This creates the illusion that the entire stock market moves in tandem with these popular stocks.
Most investors have probably never heard of the stocks I target. But guess what? They can still make you some spectacular gains. In fact, one of my most popular strategies could have literally grown your starting stake by over 100 times. See the proof here.

Embrace the surge,

Ross Givens

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Ross Givens

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