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Urgent Trade Idea (+ What to Focus On Now)

Hey, Ross here:

Normally, I like to use Monday as a chance to recap what went on last week or give an indication of what I see coming this week.

But the trade idea I have for you today is extremely time sensitive. So make sure you check it out before the window closes.

Chart of the Day

Because of the danger of holding stocks through earnings announcements, I try to only do it if I have a significant gain on the stock already.  I will risk my profits, but not my capital. 

Instead, I will wait until after the earnings report to initiate a position.

For example, take the stock above – Hims & Hers (HIMS).

I have talked about this stock before. In fact, I recommended it back in April, and the stock has risen another 23% since then.

HIMS is currently consolidating at all-time highs before its earnings announcement.

They are scheduled to report after the market closes today (which is why it’s urgent). 

If I were a gambler, my bet would be that they beat and surge higher. Personally, I’m not willing to risk it which is why I recently sold my position in HIMS.

But if Monday’s numbers are good, I will consider buying back in on Tuesday morning.

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Insight of the Day

With the Fed announcement out of the way, we can return our focus to individual stocks.

All of last week, the market was riveted on what Powell and his clueless henchmen would do.

And while Powell refused to say whether they would be raising, lowering, or pausing interest rates in the second half of the year – my guess is rates have now peaked.

The CPI and PPI reports scheduled over the coming months will likely confirm that inflation is trending lower and not require additional interest rate hikes.

I expect to see the Fed begin cutting rates next year, possibly at the tail end of 2023.

That means we’re likely going to see months of “no action” from the Fed – which is why it’s time to return our focus to individual stocks.

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Ross Givens
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Ross Givens

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