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Is the Market About to Top Out? (Actual Data)

Hey, Ross here:

It’s a big day tomorrow.

Not only will we get Powell’s market-moving comments in the afternoon…

But the monthly CPI numbers are also coming out in the morning.

Still, while we should expect increased volatility, that doesn’t mean we should be worried…

Because as today’s chart shows – history is once again on our side.

Chart of the Day

This chart shows how many times the S&P 500 has hit a top for each month dating back to 1980.

And as you can see, the index has never topped out in June – not even once – for the past 44 years.

Of course, there’s a first time for everything…

But I wouldn’t bet on the market topping out in June…

And you probably shouldn’t either.

Insight of the Day

When the expected market top doesn’t happen, you can take advantage of people’s natural FOMO.

Here’s a scenario that happens time and time again.

People “think” the market is going to top out…

Except it doesn’t – and just keeps going up.

And when these same people see what’s happening, they FOMO and jump back in – sending the market even higher.

That’s what I see happening this month…

And that’s something we can take advantage of.

That’s why, in just a few hours at 11 a.m. Eastern later today…

I’m going LIVE for a masterclass that will allow you to go after the specific stocks that could accelerate the fastest in this continuing uptrend…

By using the most powerful and consistent chart I know.

You could have used it to pocket a potential 21% gain in a single day last week – and that isn’t even a home run.

There’s a reason why so many of the best traders in the world use this pattern…

And it’s the same reason you need it in your own trading toolbox – it just works, period.

In my upcoming live masterclass, I’ll show you:

  • How this pattern looks like in individual stocks
  • The “must-know” rules that will allow you to instantly filter for this pattern
  • And where exactly in the pattern you should position yourself for maximum gains

So, if you haven’t already, make sure you click here to guarantee your spot in my live masterclass later…

And watch out for the login details in your inbox shortly.

Embrace the surge,

Ross Givens
Editor, Stock Surge Daily

Ross Givens
Ross Givens

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