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Here’s What Makes For a Strong Stock

Every day, I learn something new about the markets…

And today, I want to share five things that I’ve figured out about what makes for better stocks before I tell you about them inside Stock Surge Daily.

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But now, let me share five things that make for strong, winning stocks…

Five Characteristics of Winning Stocks

The easiest trades to manage are the ones that work immediately.

If your position is always in the green, there’s no panic.

You’re not stressed. And your account balance is growing.

But how do you know when to sell?

Or when to hold on to what could be a big winner?

Nothing is foolproof. But there are signs that a stock has more room to run.

Below are the characteristics of big winning stocks…

Follow-through after a breakout

A strong breakout day is good.

But if the price keeps climbing for several days, that is an ever better sign.

More up days than down days

This one is simple…

Count the number of days the stock is up versus the number of days when the stock is down.

If swing trading, count up weeks versus down weeks.

More volume on up days than down days

Watch the volume too.

You want to see high volume on up days showing big participation on the buy side and lower volume on the down days.

Again, if you are swing trading, compare volume on up versus down weeks.

Tennis ball action

Any time a stock pulls back (which is natural, by the way), I watch the stock’s reaction.

Is it acting like a tennis ball or an egg?

Tennis ball action will result in a quick bounce back to new highs.

An egg, on the other hand, will “splat” and fail to rebound.

Strong closes

I give a lot more weight to where a stock closes the day than where it opens.

You want to see the stock closing the day or week in the upper half of the candle – a signal that bulls are winning the battle.

These five metrics should help you determine whether or not you are holding a winning stock.

If you are not seeing most of these metrics, you may want to consider taking profits early.

Ross Givens
Ross Givens

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