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A Sign of Strong Price Action (+ a Closer Look at the Jobs Report)

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Chart of the Day

AppHarvest (APPH) is a fascinating company. It is a pioneer in the field of “vertical farming” – the use of large indoor farms where plants are stacked vertically several stories high.

This allows for an immense reduction in the water needed to grow crops as well as a better utilization of space since, instead of growing one row of crops across a piece of land, they can grow 20+ rows in these large multi-story grow houses.

So I like the story here. But more important than that is the price action.

Shares are up big in 2023 – having roughly tripled as of today.

It is forming a brief consolidation zone here at the 200-day moving average and holding up well. If the stock can get above $2.65, I expect to see another leg higher.

Disclosure: I own shares of APPH.P.S. If you want special trade prospects and potential market moves sent directly to your phone from me – just text the word ross to 74121.

Insight of the Day

The jobs market is strong, but not as strong as last week’s report indicates. Take it with a grain of salt – because the Fed certainly is.

Last week’s “blockbuster” jobs report might have been a good sign for the economy – but markets took it the other way. Concerns that the Fed may be forced to raise rates even higher because of the labor market has put downward pressure on stocks.

But if you look beneath the surface – as I frequently tell you to do – you’ll see that a lot of the job gains are due to seasonal factors and past revisions. Yes, the labor market is strong. But it’s not “blockbuster” strong, as the report may indicate.

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Ross Givens
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