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Why You Cannot Let Risk Keep You Out of the Market

“It’s all risky.”

These are the words of entrepreneur Jim Rohn from one of his famous seminars.

In it, he discusses the inherent risk in life.

“Getting married is risky. Having children is risky. Going into business is risky,” he says.

For those looking for safety and security, he quips, “Fine, then go huddle in a corner.”

His words ring especially true for investors.

Rohn even touches on that subject briefly…

He says, “If you think investing is risky, wait until you get the tab for not investing.”

We sometimes focus so heavily on what we stand to lose, that we forget about what we stand to gain.

I’m as guilty of this as anyone. Perhaps more so.

I got married last year at 38 years old – ending nearly four decades of bachelorhood.

Don’t Let Risk Keep You From Reward

It’s all risky…

But the rewards outweigh the risks by an order of magnitude.

Again, it’s very similar in the investing world.

Those who hoard their cash in savings accounts paying 0.005% interest haven’t saved much at all!

In fact, they have seen their money lose 7.5% of its value to inflation during the last year.

So, the need for safety and security has really handed them just the opposite.

Be Smart, Not Timid

Don’t get me wrong…

I still focus on risk first and foremost when it comes to trading.

I am not suggesting you “ape” into a meme stock with your life savings and roll the dice on your future.

But risk cannot be avoided entirely.

So, remember…

If we want to reap the potential rewards of the stock market, we must learn to accept the risk that comes with it.

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Embrace the surge,

Ross Givens
Editor, Stock Surge Daily

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