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Ross’ Watchlist Week of Aug. 9th

Olin Corporation

Olin Corporation (OLN) is a chemical and ammunition company. That’s an odd combination – but it makes for two great businesses in one company.

The chemicals business makes must-have stuff for a variety of products and industries, including – and this is really big right now – chlorine for pools.

Chlorine is in huge and further surging demand right now, and Olin is the go-to company for it.

Then, ammo is used for sporting use and the military. 

The outdoors is calling now and into the fall, and Olin is loaded for game. And the military here and beyond is always needing more stuff to fire.

Sales are exploding right now for Olin. The last quarter alone – revenue is up by 79.0%, and it is a big surging trend.

Olin Revenue Growth — Source: Bloomberg

Now, here’s the chart for the trade set up for Olin.

And here’s how Olin sets up with its SSI score:

  • Surge Score: 97/100
  • % Above 52-Week Low: 383%
  • MFI Reading: 44
  • Sales Growth: +79%
  • Triple Momentum: YES

Olin is one of the best-performing stocks in the market over the last 12 months.

With a Surge Score of 97/100, its price action is stronger than 97% of stocks in the market.

Shares have been consolidating in the mid-$40 range for most of the summer.

Two weeks ago, the company reported blowout numbers. Sales soared as noted above, and earnings came in 53% above analyst estimates.

I’m looking for a move above the post-earnings high that should trigger a second wave higher.

My entry trigger is $48.95. Once filled, I would work a stop at $45.00.

Burlington Stores 

Burlington Stores (BURL) runs deeply discounted clothing sales. It is a must visit for families getting ready for back to school – more so for this year.

Folks need to move from sweats and pajamas to actual clothes and jackets and beyond, and this is where the company is set up with the right stuff at low prices.

Sales were terrible last year – as no one needed stuff. Now they do. 

And the last quarter shows a massive sales surge of 173.6%. 

Here’s the trade set up on the chart for Burlington:

And here is how Burlington scores on the SSI system:

  • Surge Score: 87/100
  • % Above 52-Week Low: 92.1%
  • MFI Reading: 46
  • Sales Growth: +174%
  • Triple Momentum: YES

Retail stocks are booming, and Burlington is no exception.

Consumers with pockets full of stimulus money and a year-long case of cabin fever are flooding brick-and-mortar stores.

Last quarter, analysts were expecting earnings of $0.83 per share from BURL.

The company earned more than triple that estimate.

Burlington is scheduled to report this quarter’s results in 25 days, and another blowout number could send shares soaring higher.

I’d like to have a decent open gain by then, or even book some profits before the announcement.

That’s why I have an open order to buy BURL at $340.05 when it makes new highs with a stop at $320.25.

Movado Group

Movado Group (MOV) designs, makes and sells watches, jewelry and all sorts of related semi-luxury products.

Most of these items were not what folks wanted or needed when they were staying at home and working from home. 

But that’s then – now, we’re getting out and getting back to business. This means getting dressed and wanting watches and other items to wear.

This shows up in the sales turnaround – and I mean turnaround. 

Sales were down, down and down more earlier this year and for last year. But now, sales are surging with the last quarter report showing a surge of 93.5%.

Here’s how the trade sets up with the chart:

And here’s how Movado scores with the SSI system:

  • Surge Score: 96/100
  • % Above 52-Week Low: 241%
  • MFI Reading: 51
  • Sales Growth: +93%
  • Triple Momentum: YES

This small-cap watch-maker is up almost 90% year-to-date despite trading sideways for the last four months.

I actually had this stock on our watchlist back in June, but the trade never triggered.

Volume has been drying up the last few weeks – a sign that less supply is coming to market and shares may be getting accumulated by long-term buyers.

Combined with a low float of just 16.63 million shares, any increase in demand for MOV could send shares flying.

I’ll be looking to buy new highs with an entry price of $33.05.

My stop will be beneath last week’s low at $29.65.

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