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What Works & Why

My SSI system (Surge Stock Indicator) works. I know it does – because I eat my own cooking, meaning that I’ve bought many, many stocks over the years for myself, my family and friends using the SSI system.

One of the key tenets of my proprietary SSI is insider buys and ownership of their own companies’ stocks. This means that I buy stocks that have management and the board members buying and owning more of the stock of the companies that they run.


The Magic of the Stock Surge IndicatorAs the saying goes, “the trend is your friend.” In the game of investing, it is best to keep things simple. To follow the path of least resistance where the odds are squarely in your favor. Stocks going up tend to keep going up. And those going down usually continue that trajectory. It really is that simple. Sure, there are terabytes of underlying data that explain an equity’s rise and fall…Click here to download it now.

This is very important to me – as I know what I don’t know. I don’t know what a company might have in the works for its business and finance that’s being planned in the C-Suite and boardroom.

Nobody Knows – Except Insiders.

I might not know what is happening behind closed doors of company boardrooms – but what I can know is how much of the insiders have their own money invested in their own companies’ stock.

And it keeps showing that insider ownership tends to mean better stocks.

This keeps leading me to recommend top stocks in my Watch List for Stock Surge Daily as well as in my Stealth Trades and starting this week in my focused product: Insider Edge.

And I’m going to show you my stocks that have insiders onboard that prove my SSI with gains underway – with more to go that you need to buy right now.

You can see my current Watch List for this week right here.

Insider Winners

But one is already out of the blocks, a winner with Entegris (ENTG) that is up yesterday by 1.91%. Entegris has had insider buys including two major one on April 29 and May 19 – so insiders know what they know about the stock.

CrowdStrike (CRWD) is up from June 21 to now by 6.91% and has insiders adding 16.15% as of June 20.

Athene Holding (ATH) is up by 5.41% from June 14 to now. And it has 28.47% of its stock held by a division of Apollo Global Management (APO) that has three seats on the board.

Genco Shipping & Trading (GNK) is up by 11.55% from June 7 to now. And it has insiders adding 15.78% to holdings as of June 20.

ADTRAN (ADTN) is up by 6.05% from June 1 to now. And it has its insiders position up by 4.63% as of June 20.

All of these and more stocks all reflect both the power of my SSI and more so of the power of insider ownership.

Management & Board Members Prove Out

Management and board members, called insiders, can buy anything with their own money. And of course, most companies will pay them with some shares and options. But when they pluck down their own cash to buy shares in their own companies – well that’s a big vote of confidence.

Insider buying is always something that everyone needs to look at when evaluating a company.

If insiders own a big chuck – and more than for their peers in other companies – that means that the company has more under the hood. And more under the hood is what an investor wants and needs to see in a company before they buy any stock.

And one of the indexes that tracks companies with insider buying is the Nasdaq US Insider Sentiment Index (NQBUY). And this index proves that stocks with insiders buying continue to work out very well for shareholders.

Nasdaq US Insider Sentiment Total Return Index Source Bloomberg

The index has a return over the past 10 years of 304.81% for an annual equivalent return averaging 14.99%. That shows the power of insiders’ eating their own cooking.

Get My Edge from Insiders

I am ramping up my insider research with a new product that we’re launching here at Traders Agency called Insider Edge. And this is all about stocks with big surges in insiders’ buying their own shares.

And today, I am presenting my research in complete detail and will provide some new buys right now that I’ve been working on that all focus on insider buying and owning.

I really recommend that you plot out some time tomorrow to attend my live session.

This is a phenomenal opportunity to learn more about insider buying and how it really leads to finding great companies and top performing stocks.

I look forward to seeing you in my special session today!

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Ross Givens
Ross Givens

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