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Watchlist Week of Nov 22nd, 2021

Louisiana-Pacific (LPX)

Louisiana-Pacific (LPX) is the Nashville, Tennessee-based company focused on homebuilding supplies and components. Home building continues to remain heavy in demand around the US and this continues to drive this company’s sales and earnings ever higher.

Daily Chart of Louisiana-Pacific (LPX) — Source: TradingView

And here’s how the stock sets up:

• Surge score: 91/100

• % Above 52-wk low: 106%

• MFI reading: 71

• Sales growth: +53%

• Triple momentum: yes

LPX is seeing huge double and triple-digit growth this year. Earnings were up 148% last quarter on a 53% increase in sales.

The stock exploded up by more than 476% from March 2020 through May of this year. Since then, shares have taken a breath and consolidated in a nice tightening pattern.

Shares broke out on Thursday, so LPX is buyable here at the $68-$69 area.

Hayward Holdings (HAYW)

Hayward Holdings (HAYW) a leading manufacturer and supplier of pool equipment including automated cleaning and maintenance devices. Pools are strongly in demand for both commercial and private home markets. And Hayward continues to benefit from the demand with rising sales and profits.

Daily Chart of Hayward Holdings (HAYW) — Source: TradingView

Here’s how the stock sets up:

• Surge score: 91/100

• % Above 52-wk low: 76.9%

• MFI reading: 89

• Sales growth: +56%

• Triple momentum: yes

Haywood just completed a 6-month cup and handle pattern.

The stock broke out last week on high volume and is still within a few percent of the breakout level.

So far, price is holding, and pullbacks have been minimal – a good sign that profit-taking is minimal and there is a good chance for continuation higher.

Adobe (ADBE)

Adobe (ADBE) is the ubiquitous software company that dominates the market for PDF files as well as PhotoShop and other services. It continues to benefit from the remote work phenomena that the company and its document and other services enables.

Daily Chart of Adobe (ADBE) — Source: TradingView

Here’s how the stock sets up:

• Surge score: 85/100

• % Above 52-wk low: 66.1%

• MFI reading: 59

• Sales growth: +22%

• Triple momentum: yes

Adobe took a dip in late September, but shares came roaring back quickly.  

ADBE made new highs on Friday after several days of light volume at the resistance level.

This is textbook breakout behavior after two weeks of absorbing sellers and working through pent-up supply.

I would consider buying ADBE below $700 with a stop beneath the swing low.

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