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These Sporting Goods Stocks Are Surging Again

Getting out and about – that’s what folks want and need to do.

The virus mess, which seems to be ever more with us as cases are soaring again to record levels, has driven home the idea that enjoying the great outdoors is one of the greatest antidotes to cabin fever.

Rather than just sitting outside enjoying Mr. Sun, more and more folks are getting out and actually enjoying sports for a change. This is driving demand for sports stuff.

And guess what? I’ve been pitching sporting stocks to you over the past weeks and months with some pretty nice results.

In a moment, I’ll be rounding them up and telling you why they are surging.

But before we get into the sporting life, I want to touch base on the mother of all meme stocks that I told you about and bought with my own money last Thursday in Stock Surge Daily.

The Mother of all Meme Stocks

AMC Entertainment (AMC) is the antithesis of sporting – more like a couch potato stock.

But perhaps munching on popcorn and sugary snacks has something going for it while sitting in the dark watching something that you could see at home.

AMC is up by 33.64% from last Thursday through to this writing.

AMC Price — Source: Bloomberg

Now, remember that when I use my Stock Surge Indicator (SSI) system, it is all about the market price and volume action.

The SSI takes market trading data from thousands of stocks and identifies stocks with the top scores.

These are then further winnowed for the best stocks that we can present to you each and every week inside Stock Surge Daily and even bonus extra stocks like AMC last week.

For those of you that have recently joined us, I strongly recommend making sure that you are up to speed on my SSI system.

You don’t need to know the math or to do the calculations – but you do need to understand how it works and why.

This will empower you to be able to buy into the surge stocks with more confidence.

To get up to speed on my SSI – please download for free and read my special report: The Magic of the Stock Surge Indicator.

And for the full rundown on all of this week’s stocks, check out the Watchlist right here.

But a quick further word on AMC… I still have my stop on the stock at 28.85 after my original buy.

The stock is gaining as retail-favorite stocks and many meme stocks are getting major inflows of buying as tracked by Vanda Research, a privately held stock research company.

Good further luck with AMC as you trade along with me.

But now, I want to focus on getting out of the dark theater and into the sporting stocks that are surging.

Dick’s Did It

DICK’S Sporting Goods (DKS) is a sporting goods retailer that reported yesterday with some good news for the sporting life.

We included this stock in our list of growth-focused companies in the Aug. 6 issue of Stock Surge Daily.

DKS reported a further gain in sales by 20.69% and gave upbeat guidance for its outlook for the current and coming quarter.

The stock has surged through this writing by 16.13% as the market is digesting the data and the guidance.

And the company is further aiding a collection of other sporting goods companies that you should be following and trading along with me.

Fox Factory Holding Corporation (FOXF) is a company recently sold off by Compass Diversified Holdings (CODI), which has been a favorite private-equity-style company long favored by my colleague here at Traders Agency, Neil George.

Fox makes and sells suspension gear for mountain bikes and other off-road vehicles that are favored by the sporting set. FOXF was included in the Aug. 2 Watchlist.

The stock took a few days to get going, but from last Thursday to now it has been surging by 6.41%.

But perhaps the direct comparison to DKS comes with another sporting goods retailer – Big Five (BGFV), which I presented to you in the May 17 issue of Stock Surge Daily.

The stock surged from then to June 2 for a quick gain of 23.53% for a nice surge gain for all of us. And that was that for a while.

But I keep my stocks on my dashboard, particularly those that made the cut from my SSI system.

And like for other sporting stocks, from the low of last Tuesday to yesterday’s high, the stock has been surging again – gaining 26.19%, including the nice gain on the back of the guidance from DKS.

Insider Sporting Edge

Sporting stocks also provide some great intel if you know where to look under the hood.

And inside my Insider Edge product here at Traders Agency, I took my deep dive analysis and found heavy insider (company management and board member) buying in Hibbett (HIBB), another sporting goods retailer.

Hibbett has had some major additional insider buys, adding some 17.01% to their holdings through Aug. 22 filings.

I presented this stock to our Insider Edge subscribers on July 20 and since then the stock has traded in a subdued fashion.

But that got ramped up, and from the low last Thursday to yesterday’s high, the stock is now surging by 25.06% – further aided by Dick’s discussions.

The key takeaways are that sporting stocks are one of the prime places to be trading right now. And we’ll be keeping a further eye on them for you using the SSI system.

And of course, for those that like snacking in the dark like a couch potato watching a film – AMC is your stock of the moment as well!

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