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Ross’ Watchlist Week of Aug. 30th

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (REGN) is a biopharmaceutical company that utilizes its series of protein-based drugs to attack a wide host of serious diseases.

It currently has a handful of approved and adopted products with more in its pipeline.

For now, one of its major claims to fame is its treatment for the current virus. After testing positive for the virus two weeks ago, I got the treatment and can attest to its effectiveness.

Sales can be categorized as spectacular. The recent quarter saw a gain of 163.24%.

This helps to drive the five-year average sales gain for the company to a rate of 92.50% on a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) basis.

Margins are also excellent, with operating margin running at 42.10%. This drives a return on shareholder equity of 51.30%.

Here’s the trade set up for the chart:

Weekly Chart of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (REGN) — Source: TradingView

 And here’s how the stock sets up with the SSI system:

  • Surge score: 86/100
  • % Above 52-wk low: 51.5%
  • MFI reading: 72
  • Sales growth: +163%
  • Triple momentum: yes

The stock has been setting up in a massive cup-and-handle pattern since July 2020. Note the image above is a weekly chart.

The stock reached new highs last week, making it an active buy at current prices.

I would work a stop beneath the swing low at 564.95.

J.B. Hunt Transport Services

J.B. Hunt Transport Services (JBHT) has a fancy name for its business called “logistics services” that really is focused on trucks and transporting stuff via those trucks.

As you know, moving stuff via trucks is a major, major market in super-high demand right now.

Sales are soaring with the latest quarter showing a gain of 35.55%. This follows the five-year average sales gains for the company at 42.70% on a CAGR basis.

Margins are tighter, with labor costs up as well as other operating costs including fuel also up.

But with operating margin running at 7.40%, the company is profitable. It delivers to shareholders with a return on their equity running at a good level of 23.10%.

Good amounts of cash on hand and limited debt means that the company is a good credit – and that aids its capital costs if needed for expansion.

Here’s the trade set up in the chart:

Daily Chart of J.B. Hunt Transport Services (JBHT) — Source: TradingView

And here’s how the stock sets up with the SSI system:

  • Surge score: 70/100
  • % Above 52-wk low: 46%
  • MFI reading: 57
  • Sales growth: +36%
  • Triple momentum: no

JBHT is completing a cup-and-handle formation and trading nicely above its moving averages.

The 100-day is currently above the 50-day, so the stack isn’t perfect. But a decent breakout to the upside should correct that quickly.

We are also seeing a noticeable decline in volume during this final consolidation period.

This is generally a good sign that supply is shrinking and fewer sellers are coming to market.

Because of the tightness on the right side of the chart, you can play this one risking just 4%.

My entry point would be a break above 176.95, with a stop at 170.00.

Builders FirstSource

Builders FirstSource (BLDR) as its name fully implies makes, sells and distributes building products and supplies to home builders.

It is pretty much a one-stop shop for builders both small and custom or large and diversified.

The market for home building has been on a tear for many months. The limitations have only come from land supply, zoning, permits and of course labor to build them.

The result is that this company has screaming sales growth. And by screaming, I’m talking about a gain for the last quarter alone of 186.62%.

Here’s the trade set up in the chart:

Daily Chart of Builders FirstSource (BLDR) — Source: TradingView

And here’s how the stock sets up with the SSI system:

  • Surge score: 89/100
  • % Above 52-wk low: 88%
  • MFI reading: 62
  • Sales growth: +187%
  • Triple momentum: yes

BLDR has beaten consensus earnings estimates for the last 20 quarters straight. The last time they failed to meet expectations was 2016.

And the housing boom has only served to accelerate that trend. Sales and earnings were both up by triple digits in each of the last two quarters.

The stock dipped 27% this summer to form a textbook cup-and-handle pattern and is now trying to break through a pivot into new high ground.

I am looking to buy this one if it can get above 53.15.

My stop will be at 47.80.

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