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Reality Sets in for Profits

This Monday was not a great day to kick off three new stocks for the Watch List. 

With the stock markets taking some initial heavy selling hits, even our new stocks with plenty of positives under the hood were not immune.

But now, after two days under our belt and setting off for Wednesday, where do our newest stocks for the Watch List stand?

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Horizon Therapeutics

Horizon Therapeutics (HZNP) is an Illinois-based biopharmaceutical company. It has two primary product focuses for higher cash flow from both heavy sales as well as heavier margins.

Heavier sales come from the chronic pain market for drugs and treatments. And the company has a litany of drug treatments that pull in both patient and doctor attention for greater sales.

Then for heavier margins, the company has another focus on treatments for more obscure diseases also known as orphan diseases. These lower in number illnesses can provide higher drug treatment prices, and that favors Horizon.

The stock has been rebounding and then some from Monday into Tuesday.

Horizon Therapeutics Two-Day Intraday Price — Source: Bloomberg

Right now, the stock is up by 2.5% leading into today (Wednesday), and we’re looking for more from the stock that we carried through from last week on the Watch List.

Condor Hospitality

Condor Hospitality (CDOR) is a real estate investment trust (REIT) focused on hotel properties. Condor is part of the turnaround for leisure and business travel that will result in more hotel room bookings over time.

The company, like for many of its peers both in the leisure real estate market as well as for branded flag hotel companies, has been in deeper financial challenges.

But now, with travel coming back even with the recent virus setbacks, it should be garnering more investment from both traders in the near term as well as investors for longer-term holds.

The last two days have been positive for the stock as it quickly got past Monday’s initial selling.

Condor Hospitality Two-Day Intraday Price — Source: Bloomberg

Condor has now moved up by 6.6% for the week so far even before trading today. 

So, we’re back on the right track – like for Horizon Therapeutics – for more gains this week as both stocks are moving to surge higher for us.

180 Degree Capital Corporation

180 Degree Capital Corporation (TURN) is in the asset management business. And it has a particular interest in guiding or forcing companies to make major changes that it argues would provide near-term gains for it and its investors.

The asset management business is a great one as it is all about getting and keeping assets under management (AUM). The greater the AUM, the greater the fee income on that AUM.

A good asset manager just has to keep assets on the books and grow that asset base. It doesn’t have to be exceptional in management or stock picking – only good at being just good enough to attract and keep assets for fee income.

The stock has recovered from its initial selling on Monday morning and has since further moved up so that, leading into today, it is in positive territory for profits so far this week since it was added to the Watch List.

180 Degree Capital Two-Day Intraday Price — Source: Bloomberg

Now, the week might seem to be longer already with the drop and surge back but, for now, each of our stocks on the Watch List are good to go for more profits this week. 

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Another Word on Reality Profits

As I have been discussing in Stock Surge Daily, I am ramping up my insider stock buying research that is part of my Stock Surge Indicator (SSI)

Last week, I did a live coaching event that was all about insider buying and how it works to find stocks that are set to rally higher and stronger. 

I have developed a new product that we’ve recently launched here at Traders Agency called Insider Edge

It’s all about one of my common-sense tools that finds stocks with big surges in the works that are tipped off by insiders’ buying their own shares.

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