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Insiders Rule

I spend a lot of time analyzing stocks. A lot…

I review countless screens of data on thousands of stocks every week. 

I then pull up the best of the best — those that fit my proprietary tools that are part and parcel of my Surge Stock Indicator (SSI) system — and then go to further work on them.

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And when I go further to work on the stocks that made my first cut, I do some deep diving into what’s under the hood of each and every stock. 

This is a lot of work, but it’s worth the extra effort. 

It’s worth it because not only do you get to profit from my stocks that I put on my Watch List that you can access right here, right now – but I eat my own cooking as I buy my stocks that I tell you to buy.

I’ve learned two key lessons throughout my career in the markets…

The first is that I only know what I can know about a stock

The second is that no one knows more about a stock than the folks that run the company behind the stock.

The folks that run companies are called “insiders.” These are the managers and board members that are, by definition, on the inside.

And so, years ago, I made it a habit to look at insiders’ buys and sells of the stocks that I work on before I present them to you – or buy them myself.

This has led to a breakout of part of my work for you at Stock Surge Daily. I take my SSI, which includes insider buys and sells, and ramp it up further to come up with some additional special stocks.

These special stocks are of companies whereby insiders are really backing up the truck and using their own money to buy and buy big

And I showcase these stocks in my latest research product here at Traders Agency… 

It’s called Insider Edge.

Many of you have subscribed to Insider Edge – and you’re already profiting from my new special stocks inside the portfolio. 

But if you haven’t yet subscribed, I’m hosting a special live coaching session today at 12:00 p.m. EDT for Insider Edge subscribers as well as for Stock Surge Daily subscribers.

In this special coaching session, I’ll go through how insider buys and sells happen, how I find out about all of them – and how I work to further vet these stocks to come up with my special stocks for Insider Edge.

You should attend if you’ve made even a dime with my stocks from the Watch List, as you’ve already seen the power of my Surge Stock Indicator (SSI) system – including insider buys and sells.

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Insiders Rule

Insiders rule because they know all about the underlying companies behind their stocks. 

When the insiders are buying with their own money, it’s one of the most compelling arguments that something good is in the works for the company, which will inevitably show up in a surging stock price down the road…

Each and every one of my stocks on my Watch List has insider buys that I often note in my write-ups for the stocks. 

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There’s a lot of proof from my extensive list of surge stocks from the Watch List…

But there’s a much bigger bag of evidence thanks to the folks over at Nasdaq. 

Nasdaq figured out that insider buy and sell transactions are a very important indicator of great stocks. So, back in 2005, it took all of its insider buy and sell filing data and took the companies being bought and created an index that tracks insider buy stocks.

As a result, the Nasdaq US Insider Sentiment Index was born, and it has proven what I’ve known for years… 

Insiders rule when it comes to finding great stocks!

Nasdaq US Insider Sentiment Index — Source: Bloomberg

The Nasdaq Insider index has returned 33.8% over the past 12 months to date. 

And since its inception in 2005, the Insider-focused index has returned a whopping 613.0%.

That’s a lot more positive proof that insiders do in fact rule when they buy their own stocks.

So, please join me today at 12:00 p.m. EDT as I provide more proof (and some new stocks!) that insiders are showing the way for more surging profits. 

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Another Trade Idea for You:

As I noted earlier, I am ramping up my insider stock buying research that is part of my Surge Stock Indicator (SSI)

I have developed a new product that we’ve just launched here at Traders Agency called Insider Edge

This brand new service is all about one of my favorite common-sense tools — using insider buying to tip us off and find stocks with big surges in the works. 

Once more, I’m hosting a special free session today at 12:00 p.m. EDT on insider buys and sells and how this is one of the greatest indicators for finding winning stocks. 

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